Open4357-C Package B



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designed for the LPC4357FET256 / LPC4357JET256 microcontroller consists of the mother board and the MCU core board Core4357
Core: Cortex-M4 processor, 204MHz Max
I/Os: 164

Memories: FLASH total 1M, SRAM total 136kB, ROM 64kB, E2PROM 16kB, OTP memory 64 bit
Product Details
Product Dimensions: 7.1 x 3.9 x 3.5 inches ; 1.5 pounds
Shipping Weight:1.8 pounds

Product Description
1. MCU core board connector: for easily connecting the MCU core board
2. SGPIO connector: for connecting camera module
3. USB interface 1: USB1 FS
4. USB interface 2: USB0 HS
5. USB interface 3: converts to UART through an onboard USB to UART convertor PL2303
6. UART3 interface: easily connects to RS232, RS485, USB TO 232, etc.
7. I2C0 | I2C1 interface: easily connects to I2C peripherals such as I/O expander (PCF8574), EEPROM (AT24Cxx), etc.
8. CAN1 interface: for connecting CAN module
9. CAN0 interface: for connecting CAN module
10. UART1 interface: easily connects to RS232, RS485, USB TO 232, etc.
11. ADC+DAC interface: for ADC/DAC testing
12. LCD interface 1: for connecting 7inch LCD
13. SDIO interface: for connecting Micro SD module, features much faster access speed rather than SPI
14. LCD interface 2: for connecting 4.3inch LCD
15. Capacitive touch screen interface: for connecting capacitive touch screen
16. SSP interface: easily connects to SPI peripherals such as DataFlash (AT45DBxx), SD card, MP3 module, etc.
17. ETH interface: for connecting ETH module
18. I2S0 interface: for connecting I2S modules such as Audio module, etc.
19. ONE-WIRE interface: easily connects to ONE-WIRE devices (TO-92 package), such as temperature sensor (DS18B20), electronic registration number (DS2401), etc.
20. 5V DC jack
21. 5V/3.3 V power input/output: usually used as power output, also common-grounding with other user board
22. MCU pins connector: all the I/O ports are accessible on expansion connectors for further expansion
23. JTAG interface: for debugging/programming
24. AMS1117-3.3: 3.3V voltage regulator
25. LM3625-H: USB power m